Trip to Sherwane Castle and Kalar Museum Saturday Jan 24th, 2015

At the beginning of the activity, the SLC explained the castle history and who built it. Next, I told the students what was the most importance part of the castle at that time. The importance of Sherwane castle was that it was built in Garmyan plain. Then students' group by group went inside the castle, and I explained the ancient tools were used by people in the past. After that, the students went to the museum that is next to the castle, and looked at the antiques, and old tools that our ancestor used in the past. At the end the students ate their lunch and went home.


To give the students a moment to relax and do an academic trip to make them familiar with our Kurdish history and traditions. To show the students by going to the museum, how they too can collect information about our history and keep it for the next generation.


Feedback from students, parent and testemonials

The students were excited to see the castle, and look at the statues, pictures and antiques inside the castle, plus museum. The students asked me, “who built the castle” and “what was the importance of the castle in the past”. The students were familiar with our Kurdish history, traditions and how people lived in the past. “Sherwane castle was built by Hama Pasha Jaff in the 18th century in the Garmyan plain”. Also, the parents were excited and they thanked us for doing an academic and historic trip for their children.


Kalar International School

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