On 17 December 2019,  the SLO® Department in Kalar International school orginized a celebration of the Kurdish falg cooperating with the music and art teachers. Most of the students wore traditional Kurdish clothes.

On arrival, a group of our prefects welcomed the students at school with raised Flag of Kurdistan. During breakfast and lunch time, the students expressed their feelings by reading various articles and other texts, including poems and prose, about the Flag of Kurdistan. The Kurdistan Flag was raised and the students sang national songs and performed traditional Kurdish dances. After the regular teaching periods were over, the school staff with all the students form Kg.2 to Gr.9 participated in the celebration of the Kurdistan Flag Day. The Flag of Kurdistan was raised by a group of students, accompanied by the Kurdish national anthem. The Head Prefects spoke to the students about the importance of honoring their heritage and explained the colors and design of the flag.

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