Students Learn about International Tolerance Day

Students Learn about International Tolerance Day

Grade 3-5 students at Kalar International School, a SABIS® PPP school, learned about International Tolerance Day on November 16, 2015. The SABIS Student Life Organization®’s (SLO®) Discipline Department was responsible for organizing this event.

During lunchtime, the activity took place with a Grade 5 prefect hosting the event in cooperation with the Student Life Coordinator and the Activities Coordinator. First, the prefect read aloud what International Tolerance Day is all about, as well as the importance of tolerance in the community. Then, a teacher gave a speech about the day and encouraged students to be tolerant with others.

 After the opening speeches, four Grade 5 students read out loud to the audience about tolerance and how they should be respectful to others whose beliefs, cultures, and nations are different.

Such an activity was organized to teach students about respecting and recognizing the rights and beliefs of others. Also, it was a good opportunity to explain that tolerance means acceptance and appreciation of the world’s rich diversity. In addition, it was a time of reflection and debate on how intolerance, like racism and discrimination, has a negative impact on society.

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