Kalar Students Show Kurdish Pride on Flag Day

Students at Kalar International School took part in the annual event Flag Day on Tuesday, December 12, 2014. At the beginning of the event, the deputy head of the outreach department explained to the students the history and meaning behind the Kurdistan flag.  Shortly after, the flag was raised and students sang the Kurdish National Anthem. Towards the end, the school director spoke to the students about the importance of honoring their heritage.

During the morning hours, students from Kindergarten to Grade 4 went outside with their teachers in order to participate in this celebration. Kalar International students learned about Kurdistan’s history and the importance and colors of the flag.

“Students told me they enjoyed the day by singing, waving Kurdistan Flag and taking group pictures as a memo. Also, they promised to respect our martyrs and be a loyal and healthy citizen for the future,” a Kalar International School staff member said.

Flag Day was a huge success in teaching students about Kurdistan’s rich roots and having pride in their culture.  Kalar International School, a SABIS® Network school, strives to educate its students about important subjects. Students became more knowledgeable about Kurdistan’s history and flag, just one of the valuable ways SABIS® motivates students to succeed in school, university, and beyond.

Kalar International School

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