Kalar Students Receive No Infraction Certificates

Kalar Students Receive No Infraction Certificates

Grade 2-5 students at Kalar International School, a SABIS® PPP school, received No Infraction Certificates on November 30, 2015.

On a daily basis, students’ infractions are recorded. By the end of Term I, all of the infractions were added up for each student. If students received no infractions, they were given a certificate.

The awards were distributed during lunch period on the playground. The students were given their certificates in front of the other students, SMC, SLC, the supervisors, and the Activity Coordinator. When students received their certificates one by one, everybody clapped for them.

“I am so happy for getting this certificate for having zero infractions during Term I and I wish for all students to get it next term,” a student with no infractions said. Such an activity took place to encourage students to not get infractions and to create a safe school atmosphere conducive to learning. This activity has also helped motivate students who did not get a certificate this term, to try harder next time.

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