Kalar Students Make a Difference in the Lives of Refugees

Kalar Students Make a Difference in the Lives of Refugees

The SABIS Student Life Organization®’s Social Responsibility and Outreach departments at Kalar International School, a SABIS® PPP school in Kurdistan, visited a refugee camp on October 15, 2016, with donation they had collected at school. 

Three weeks prior to their visit the head prefects and prefects in these departments started a campaign at the school to collect clothes, blankets, and other items to donate to those less fortunate. The prefects collected, organized, and packed all the donations they were receiving in preparation of their visit to deliver the things.

On the day of the visit the students were greeted at the camp by a UNHCR representative, who explained to the students how the camp is organized. After which, families were asked to make lines so that the students could begin handing out their donations. The students were very well behaved and put their hearts into the work only to leave feeling like they could do even more next time.

The purpose of this activity was to help families less fortunate and to raise awareness with regards to the refugee situation. Moreover, it was an important activity that instilled responsibility, kindness, and generosity in the students. “It was a wonderful activity as the school reminded us of the important reasons we do charity work and why it should be done,” said a student.


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