Grade 5 Students Practice English Skills

Grade 5 Students Practice English Skills

Grade 5 students at the Fakhir Mergasori International School got to practice their English listening skills on March 14, 2015. Responsible for organizing the event were the school’s English teachers and the SABIS Student Life Organization®.  

All the students in Grade 5 went to the Family Mall Empire Cinema where they watched the animated movie SpongeBob in English. The Activity Department also joined in on the event.

After watching the movie, the students gathered with their English teacher to discuss the details of the movie. Since the movie was in English, it helped the students understand the language better. They mentioned a lot of the vocabulary words they heard in the movie that they had previously learned in class.

In addition, students compared the characters and plot of the movie to their anthology and class reader books. The students had a great time practicing their listening and speaking skills in English.  

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