Grade 3 Students Learn Valuable Lessons at Local Library

Grade 3 students at the Kalar International School, a SABIS® Network school, took a tour of the Kalar Public Library on Saturday April 11, 2015. The Student Life Coordinator organized the enriching event.

On Saturday morning, the students took a tour of the library. The librarian showed them how they can order a book from the library and how to choose the books by subject. After that, they looked at how the books are organized by topic.

Once the tour finished, the students went to the library’s English section, which was such a wonderful experience for them.  Before leaving the library, students picked out a book for themselves and went to the reading hall, read their chosen book, then returned them to their proper place. 

The Grade 3 students had a splendid educational experience at the library. It was also a great chance to show students how valuable a library is, especially when there is summer vacation. During summertime, they can drop by the library to study or read a book of their choice.

Additionally, the students learned how to order books from the library and how to develop better reading skills. “The students who participated were very happy to see a lot of English books. They expressed their desire to read more. Also, the parents thanked us for taking care to the students and for teaching them new ideas,” a school staff member said.

Kalar International School

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