Grade 1 to Grade 4 Students Enjoy Best Behavior Picnic

On Saturday, April 4, 2015, at the Kalar International School, students from Grade 1 through Grade 4 (who passed Term 2 without any infractions) had a Best Behavior Student Picnic.

The picnic started off with game time, with students being divided into four groups. They played tug-of-war and the bull ring game. The students also participated in a sack race. After the games, the students sat together and ate lunch, then took some pictures.

Students were rewarded with this special picnic to commend them for following all the school rules. Also, this event helped increase friendship between the students.

“The students who participated were very happy to join such a special activity. Also, they promised to have any infractions in Term 3,” a school staff member said. Student were recognized and rewarded for their efficiency, one of the SABIS® Core Values, and have promised to not get any infractions in the next term.

Kalar International School

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