On September 14, 2019, grades 6 and  7 students at Kalar International School, a SABIS® PPP school in Kurdistan, enjoyed a day of swimming.

Students were divided into groups, with the girls being supervised by  female teachers and the boys being supervised by  male teachers. The swimming pool was separated so the girls could be on one side and the boys could be on the other.

After changing into their swimsuits, the rules were explained and safety advice was given. Students who could not swim were taught how to by the present supervisors. A little bit later on, the students played water polo and other engaging games while in the pool. Some of the students even went into the deep end to play pool games with the teachers. When students finished their swimming session, they changed back into their clothes and left to go home. This event took place for many reasons, which include teaching the students to swim and encouraging them to swim regularly in order to build body strength. Also, students learned to work individually and as a team. All of the students enjoyed the activity so much that they asked to go swimming on a weekly basis. In addition, the parents thanked the school for having this activity and taking care of their children.

welcome to visit the galary of the event ,  please click here

Kalar International School

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